Javier Llerena

Leadership Coach

I empower you to unlock your true leadership potential and purposely transform your team into "A" great team. My experience as a founder and business advisor in Silicon Valley gives me a unique benefit to unleash your potential. I support you to become a strong and energized leader.

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About me

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My Story

I’m on a mission to empower first generation entrepreneurs to overcome the stigmas of inferiority. When I was a teenager, I refused to attend accent reduction classes. I felt that my identity was going to be taken away and I would be like everyone else.

I started my first business at the age of sixteen selling “Moon Shield,” a sunscreen for water polo athletes. I went on to become a High Tech Managing Director with a top performing domestic and international team.

No first-generation entrepreneur wants to feel inferior or unaware of their unique potential. I’m here to help develop your potential as a first generation leader to design a purpose-driven organization.

Why I coach

Coaching has helped me tremendously in gaining awareness and higher consciousness. That is why I love to work as a coach and show people how great they are.

Most of us operate on a level that is far away from our potential. If we embrace our strengths and skills, we can reach new heights. Every person has a unique story to share, it's time to tell it.

My core beliefs for coaching

Determination, belief, and faith are the keys to success.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching
  • Seeing the best in my clients
  • Visualizing your ideal future and setting up an action-plan towards it

Country: USA

Coaching Expertise

Personal Growth








Self-Leadership coaching

3 years experience

The way you show up as a leader is a reflection of how you are leading your life. If you have fears, doubts or concerns, it will show up in your leadership. You are the creator of your reality, so you need to know what it will look like. That is why I work with my clients on the inside. Together we look at three aspects: 1) What are your strengths, gifts, and talents and how can we use them? 2) What are your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck? What is your inner critic telling you? 3) Are you praising yourself? Do you love yourself? Based on these, we can improve their leadership.

Business coaching

10 years experience

I’ve worked as an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old. I started multiple businesses, have experienced the journey of entrepreneurship and learned to grow a business organically. In my coaching, I want to help my clients to connect their highest purpose with their business. If you only focus on making revenue, you won’t get the best results. Having your business aligned with your core values will make it flourish.

Personal Growth coaching

3 years experience

When looking at personal growth, I like to ask my clients: How do you nurture your mind? Using the Wheel of Life as a framework, we can look at which areas of their lives need development. Once we start working in those areas, their lives experience an impactful shift. The way you lead your life will affect how you lead at your job. That is why healthy routines are so vital.


Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach


I completed several coaching programs with iPEC Coaching including Coach Centric Leadership, Energy Leadership, and my coach training program. iPEC Coaching is one of the largest ICF-accredited coach training schools in the world.

Professional and Educational Background


2016 - Present

I started my own coaching business Re-Invent Coaching. We are based in Silicon Valley and provide 1:1 leadership coaching and strength-based workshops tailored to meet the rapidly changing needs of leaders in today's changing economy.

Business & Digital Strategist

2014 - Present

I helped several companies as a business and digital strategist in Silicon Valley including Sourcebits & Happiest Minds Technologies.


2006 - Present

I work as an advisor for CLL Consulting, a private college counseling firm committed to helping students gain admission to colleges and universities.


1996 - 2004

I started Evinter Group, a Public Relations and Communications company based in San Francisco. As the Business Development Manager / Co-Founder, I was able to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, penetrating the Americas and European vertical markets.

Coaching Packages

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6-Months Coaching Progra...
Includes 25 sessions / $2400
3-Months Coaching Progra...
Includes 12 sessions / $1800


Elena L.

"Javier is an amazing coach. He has helped me work through some major personal and business blocks that were in the way to living each day to the fullest. He is highly intuitive, brings clarity to each situation and helps me see solutions where I once saw problems. He is always championing for me and cheering me on, giving his full support that is so much needed when you are trying to achieve something challenging. His help has been invaluable in launching my own business. With Javier as my coach, I achieved results and continue to move forward towards my goals and dreams."

Denise C.

“Javier Llerena is a powerful and passionate coach who uses his keen intuition and sharp intellect to quickly pinpoint what's keeping you stuck. He knows when to cheer you on and when to push you, and always does so in a way that let's you know that he has your back, 100%. You'll dive deep in each session, and finish feeling re-energized and motivated to make the changes you want for yourself! If you're ready to level-up in your life and in business, you couldn't ask for a better coach to propel you above and beyond your own goals!"

Natasha B.

"Javier has been and continues to be an incredible resource and coach. He's always enthusiastic and attentive, and he's helped me work through some rough patches in my life. Javier asks great questions and is incredibly supportive. He's helped me work toward living a more positive life, and he has always been there to cheer me on. It's awesome to work with him, and he has helped me to work toward my greatest potential."