Chuen Chuen Yeo

Leadership Coach

I have a long and rich history with leadership development and most importantly a passion for building great leaders. I learned from the top two leadership gurus in the world and can support you in finding your unique leadership style.

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About me

560 hours

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My Story

Early in my career, I faced disappointment and failure in my own leadership journey. I failed the interview which would confirm my position as a middle manager. I was devastated, my confidence was shattered. On the verge of giving up, I left the organization and sought a new beginning. I chanced upon Dr. John Maxwell's seminar in Singapore back then and have never looked back.
I understood my failure was necessary for me to truly learn what it means to be an inspirational leader. This helps my clients as I can empathize with the damage to the ego when something like this happens. I understand the doubts you feel on your ability to lead and the attack to your core. I know how to get my clients back on their feet and how to work on raising the leadership lid, their intrinsic value, so they can become the leader they want to be.

Why I coach

It is my mission and passion to support others in becoming the best version of themselves. I believe the world needs great leaders and it's my passion to help other leaders discover their unique leadership style.
My hope is that my coaching, no matter how short or transient, is a catalyst which creates big impact and life-transforming changes for my clients. Coaching has helped me break through barriers, defeat my self-limiting beliefs and allowed me to achieve more than I had ever imagined I could, all with my own abilities and efforts.

My core beliefs for coaching

Insights precede action. We need to work on raising the level of consciousness in order to see alternative solutions which we now cannot see. Every client has the resource and the will to be the best personal self - it takes collaboration with a masterful coach to draw it out.

My methods, framework, and skills:
Like a purification, we process and review all thoughts of the mind and emotions. Finding the crux of the issue, the heart of the matter, the essence wins half the battle. The strategies which come after are simple yet impactful.

Country: Singapore

Coaching Expertise



Personal Growth






Career coaching

6 years experience

I like to use the two-factor theory in my coaching which distinguishes between hygiene factors such as salary, job security or work conditions and motivators like recognition for your achievement, responsibility or meaningful work. You need to know what you want in both areas to find a job that fits your needs. Instead of looking for “just” work I help you to find a job that allows you to create a career out of it and meets your basic needs. It’s important to know yourself first, this way you can find a job that you genuinely believe in and get the deep satisfaction of doing a job you love.

Self-Leadership coaching

6 years experience

I help my clients to understand what kind of leader they are and what leadership voice they have. We all lead ourselves everyday handling our own decisions, our health and our family. Some people just float along in life, they don’t know why they do what they do. They just do things because everyone around them says they are good to do or they learned it from their family and peers. Self-leadership is the opposite of that, it comes from inside. Instead of a victim mindset, you embrace a player mindset: you can take control of your life.

Personal Growth coaching

6 years experience

When I work on personal growth, I use a holistic perspective on what is happening in your life. I help you to identify what it is that you want, where you are now and how you can fill this gap. We set up an action plan that gives you quick and easy results to increase your motivation. This plan will be aligned with your values. If you work for something that you believe in and that sparks joy in you, you move so much faster. Equipped with this fresh lens, you can assess the situation completely different and align your actions with what you stand for.


Agile Certified Coach


I trained with ICAgile and learned the principles of effective Agile Coaching to empower high functioning teams.

Executive Leadership Coach


I trained to be an executive leadership coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

Associate Certified Coach


I trained with the International Coach Academy (ACTP). During my training, I learned the core coach competencies, including mentor coaching and coaching supervision. The most important takeaway for me personally was to be able to hone my craft, create my own coaching model and power tool. This certification is conferred by the International Coach Federation.

John Maxwell Speaker, Teacher and Coach


I'm part of the John Maxwell Team and trained to become a coach with them.

Professional and Educational Background

Head of Corporate Training and Communications

2017 - Present

I work for the Seriously Addictive Learning Centre. My tasks include designing and implementing the global franchisee training, tracking and monitoring the implementation progress, and conducting learning needs research.

Student Leadership Lead

2012 - 2017

I worked with an independent school in Singapore and oversaw the leadership training for the entire school with the support from my team. I created the overall training framework for all levels of leaders, engineered opportunities for learning for the youth leaders. This resulted in increased commitment, development of leadership skills from an early age, exposure to real-world project management, people management challenges which the youths were adequately prepared for tertiary education. I designed and facilitated learning experiences for the purpose of developing leadership throughout the years. Towards the end of my stint, I led a team to conceptualise a brand new framework which undergirds all school programs ever since. I also designed the training program to build capacity in staff to lead group reflections effectively.


2004 - 2012

I worked with youths in schools and developed them not only intellectually, but also in character, innovation and leadership. I have a wide range of experience in the various curriculum, deep knowledge of what good learning looks like and effective strategies for assessment.

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

2003 - 2004

I finished my diploma in education from the National Institute of Education in Singapore and I am well-versed in learning pedagogies and theories.

Coaching Packages

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Leadership Agility Coach...
Includes 18 sessions / $5400
Leadership Agility Coach...
Includes 12 sessions / $3300
Complimentary Introducti...
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Geraldine, HR

"I was coached by Chuen Chuen when I was looking for clarity for a career change. She is patient and sharp to look beyond the 'superficial' & had helped me break down what I needed to focus at a deeper level. In addition, she has helped me translate my goals into bite-sized tasks, making them easier to achieve at any one time. Through the coaching partnership, I learned to question myself deeper and has also learned to understand myself better. I was able to change my job and look into my relationship problem, all within just about 8-10 sessions."

Mollie, United Nations FPA

"I found the four sessions with Chuen Chuen very useful and practical for me. I am highly satisfied with the results. Chuen Chuen is able to help me to sharpen my thoughts and to find practical solutions and ways forward to challenges that I face day-to-day at the office. I was already impressed by the results we achieved together after my first one-hour session. She was focused and supported me to identify objectives for each session and to reach those objectives by the end of each session. Overall, I noticed that I was more focused at work and had a stronger sense of the value of better balancing work and life commitments."

Wei, self-employed freelancer

"Before I started coaching with Chuen Chuen, I was a full-time self-employed freelancer whose approach to work was very passive. The work I had as a freelancer was not stable, and I was alternating between two extremes - no income with lots of free time versus good income from large projects but zero time. I had no control over my earnings and time. I knew that I needed to change my work patterns and habits if I wanted a more balanced life and enough income to sustain the kind of lifestyle I wanted for myself, including retirement and emergencies. But I lacked clarity on the areas of change needed: I had many different ideas of what needed changing but did not know what to prioritize. That was when I started shopping for a coach. Chuen Chuen is a very good listener who is able to sum up the gist of my thoughts and ideas, ask pertinent and incisive questions, and offer suggestions and points of view. A coaching session with her is somewhat akin to being a driver sitting in the driver's seat with Chuen Chuen acting as the car's GPS navigation system. I may follow her suggestions to take specific actions, but I am ultimately responsible for my own actions and choices. Every session with her was preceded by a reflection on the areas I wanted to discuss in that particular session. Each session helped me to identify clear actions to take. I find the coaching sessions with her very empowering. I now have a sounding board to test my ideas before taking action. Having regular coaching sessions also provided me with accountability in following through on the actions I said I would take."