Doug Glew

Executive & Career Coach

Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck in your current work? I can help you find a job that you truly love. With over 10 years of experience, I am able to integrate complex scientific ideas and turn them into actionable steps and tools that help you thrive.

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My Story

I had to recreate and re-imagine my personal and professional life on more than one occasion in the last 25 years. I understand that success often doesn't feel like success unless it aligns with our core interests.
I excelled in school and in a profession that was highly prized by the dominant culture, yet it was not a good fit for me. I found myself climbing up the wrong ladder. I had to go back and retool to find another way forward that aligned with my values and interests. For me, that meant going back and earning a graduate degree in psychology and starting my coaching and training practice. You can benefit from my experience and knowledge around this journey. I believe that our world of work does not make it easy to thrive and find what you truly love. That is why I jumped back into the realm of work, and I want to make it a place where you can grow again.

Why I coach

I coach because the world is an increasingly complicated place and people need tools and capacities to help them effectively engage this postmodern reality we find ourselves in. I coach because change can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be.
In part, it is more challenging because we don't know enough about the literature and evidence around change. I coach because I want to help people restore a sense of hope and active meaning-making in their lives. I coach because I sincerely enjoy helping you craft work worth working and a life worth living. In my opinion, engagement and thriving should be the norm, not peak experiences.

My core beliefs for coaching

We are highly socially shaped by a wide variety of sources in our development that we had little or no control over. These experiences create mindsets or experiential structures that take up residence in our psyche and color how we see the world. We defend these structures because we believe they are really us.
We mistakingly think we are who we are because of what has happened to us. Personal identity is adaptive mainly, and we must engage this set of beliefs to create room for our evolution and the unfolding of our unique development. Once we start to create more space for our experience, your work and life begin to unfold in a very different manner. Rather than working off of old experiential maps from experiences you had very little control over, you start to author your experience creatively, and this is a game changer.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • I use an integrated bio-psycho-social approach to coaching.
  • I like to focus on identity at the front end of the process because it sets up a more solid foundation for future expansion.
  • I blend imaginal inquiry-based coaching with transformative learning modules that I have developed that help to provide a visible path to my clients.
  • I always lead with an evidence-based approach while at the same time holding the realization that just because there is no evidence does not mean the phenomenon does not exist.
  • I am a big fan of affect theory, the biological basis of our emotions, and leveraging these for human capacity development.

Country: USA

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Personal Growth




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Business coaching

10 years experience

Given my background, high-level experience, and extensive education, one could say I have a great deal to offer in the arena of business coaching. I got into coaching after being underwhelmed at the pinnacle of my professional life. I went back to graduate school in psychology because I knew the business world wasn't going to provide the depth I needed to unpack some of the problems I encountered at work. After ten years of diligent study and working extensively with a variety of different clients, I have an excellent grasp on what one needs to do to manage change effectively. My primary goal in business coaching is to help my clients get out of overwhelm and restore the natural creative drive necessary for building systems and processes that create value.

Career coaching

10 years experience

If you find that your experience at work doesn't feel quite right, it may be time for a change. We spend way too much of our life at work for it to be a second or third rate experience. There are a lot of bad jobs out there in the work world, and they can adversely affect the trajectory of your career path. Don't let it happen to you. Numbing and suppressing your natural reactions to the environment at work are not creative strategies. I help my clients discover what they want from their life at work first and then we collaboratively develop a plan for turning it into reality. Whether you want to change industries, companies, or professions, I can help you develop an actionable plan and keep you accountable for making the required moves.

Personal Growth coaching

10 years experience

I believe that personal and professional growth are ultimately tied together. With my clients, I start by exposing them to a great deal of some of the best literature in regards to personal identity and change management. I do this because it provides the most significant shift for my clients in the shortest amount of time. We start by looking at the values you’ve absorbed growing up. None of us had control over most of the formative factors that go into our sense of self. Some of the beliefs and ideas we grew up with might not fit us anymore once we’re adults yet they are still operating in a subtle way in the background. Once we identify what kind of stories we are telling ourselves and how they are shaping our experience, we can take control of the stories and rephrase or let go of them. Instead of thinking “I am who I am because of what happened to me,” you can learn to think “This happened to me, but it does not define who I am now, and it is my responsibility to do something about it.”


Professional Certified Coach


I'm a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. My coach training introduced me to the gold standard of industry practices.

Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach


I studied at the College of Executive Coaching.

Graduate Fieldwork Project


After finishing my doctoral coursework, I spent 750 hours coaching business owners and medical professionals under the supervision of a psychologist and business consultant. The work focused on helping people reconnect with the fundamental interests that initially led them to their professions. After completing this project, I used this experience for developing a unique and integrated methodology for helping people manage change at work. This project was the beginning of my current coaching practice.

Professional and Educational Background

Founder and CEO

2013 - 2019

I started my own coaching business, Imaginal Coaching, where I work in executive, leadership and career coaching.

Master of Arts in Psychology

2008 - 2006

I earned my Masters in Psychology at Meridian University. The graduate school I attended was grounded in a transformative learning curriculum. It stressed exploration before explanation and it has been invaluable in helping people in my coaching practice.

Nationally Recognized Sales Executive

1999 - 2018

I was an integral part of a nationally recognized sales team. On an individual basis, I was awarded as a top ten performer for five years in a row out of over 50 representatives nationwide. I know sales and marketing. And, I know the psychology behind both of them.

BA-Economics, BS-Finance, Cum Laude

1991 - 1996

I graduated cum laude with two bachelor degrees from San Francisco State University. I hold a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.

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