Christina Garidi

Purpose & Career Coach

I help professionals escape a job they dread and architect a career they absolutely LOVE. If you have been feeling lost or lacking direction in your work, I can help you retrace a career path that aligns with your values, passion, and talents. Let me guide you in discovering your PURPOSE now!

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About me

2500 hours

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English Greek

My Story

As I was nearing my big 3-0, I asked myself: "Is this it?" Will I be a business consultant for the rest of my life? And for WHAT exactly? To climb up the corporate ladder in exchange of Exhaustion, Stress and constant lack of Time... ? At that moment, I knew I did not belong there anymore.

What was my END GOAL in life? I decided that I needed to figure out my PURPOSE in life, no matter what was going to happen. Along my journey I stumbled upon the ancient Greek concept of EUDAIMONIA, which became the cornerstone of my coaching. Since then, I am devoted to helping people ENJOY their WORK. My purpose is to DEMOCRATISE Human Flourishing.

I'm interested in social entrepreneurship, innovation, the power of modern networks, leadership and Greece’s socioeconomic recovery. I am energised by problem solving and the art of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).

Watch my TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj3-GcQo8gg

Why I coach

I know how it feels when work drains you - I can relate. I have overcome these personal and professional struggles and I know how to get you unstuck to avoid wasting your time.
I want to empower you to realise your POTENTIAL. Together, we can decipher your PURPOSE Seeking Journey. I'll help you re-discover your work #MOJO by finding your Purpose and starting to live in line with your values .

My core beliefs for coaching

Integrity, Honesty, Accountability

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • PHILOSOPHY from the West and the Orient
  • ANALYTICAL and INTUITIVE coaching tools
  • EMPIRICAL interventions that have a proven tracked record to elucidate your PURPOSE
  • SOCRATIC METHOD of asking the right questions to guide you to your DESIRED Outcomes, which we agree at your INTRODUCTORY session

Country: United Kingdom

Coaching Expertise





Life Purpose


Personal Growth




Business coaching

4 years experience

I’ve worked with hundreds of startups or early-stage business owners. I help my clients figure out their business model (identify / maximise their revenue streams). Identifying blind spots also helps them build the necessary capability missing or focus on playing to their strength. Often, new business owners are overwhelmed and don’t know what is important. I can support them to make these decisions. Together, we figure out how to organise your business to help you invest your time and resources wisely. Most importantly, I keep my clients accountable and committed to their goals and dreams.

Career coaching

4 years experience

Work has become part of our IDENTITY. That's why we must ENJOY WORK. And to do that, it helps if our PURPOSE in life and our CAREER align. That is the reason I help my clients to FIND their PURPOSE. I support my clients NAVIGATE this Self-Discovery journey by creating a bespoke package and utilising proven methods to get you there steadily.

Life Purpose coaching

4 years experience

We often just talk about life purpose when someone is going through a midlife CRISIS or BURNOUT. I believe that every human being has the fundamental need to know what they are meant to do in this life. When I work with my clients, I share my hard-earned wisdom and help them navigate this Self-Discovery Journey step-by-step, until they PINPOINT their PURPOSE. I adjust to their pace and tailor my coaching to match their specific needs. My interventions are tried and tested and ultimately will save you TIME, MONEY and WORRY.


Certified Coach


My ICF accredited training was at Animas Institute for Transformational Coaching in London UK.

Professional and Educational Background


2015 - 2019

I started my own Coaching Business Eudaimonia Coaching in 2015. I help my clients FIND their PURPOSE. I support you to achieve your GOALS in your Career & enable you to start your Start-Up Business with hands-on coaching.

Business Consultant

2006 - 2014

I worked as a Business Analyst for Transport for London and Business Consultant for Agilisys.

MSc Business and Management

2004 - 2005

I studied Business and Management at Strathclyde Business School.

BSc in Environmental Sciences

2001 - 2004

I finished my Bachelor of Science at the University of Southampton.

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session
Find Your Purpose
Includes 8 sessions / $1200


Elina Kivinen

"I'm in the process of trying to set up a micro business, and following my coaching sessions with Christina I now feel much better prepared for doing this. Christina tailored the sessions to achieve what I needed and pitched the content at just the right level. I got much, much more out of the process than I had expected or hoped for - it's difficult to summarise succinctly, but I got everything I knew I needed, plus lots of other things I didn't realise I needed! It was extremely useful and exceeded my expectations."

Chryssanthi Dafopoulou

"Sometimes and on very rare occasions you meet some people that you feel you can open up your heart to and they will not only understand you but magically transform everything for the better. They will turn the hard work you have to do in a seemingly miniscule effort, which will be fun too. This is Christina Garidi, a true rare gem that I am happy to have found. Christina thank you for helping me realize my dreams. Still, a lot to do but ever so happy to have a person and coach like you by my side!"

Nasos Papadopoulos

"Christina is outstanding at what she does. Her ability to look at problems from a business and human perspective led to some great insights, and she always goes the extra mile to make sessions as productive as possible. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching."