Harsha Perera

Executive and Life Coach

My aim is to empower you to find more clarity, confidence and focus in your life. To access an inner state of freedom in both life and work.  To unlock your true potential by breaking free of the limiting beliefs and narratives that hold you back.

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About me

200 hours

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My Story

My work is fundamentally about enabling self-understanding and self-empowerment. About enabling you to cut through the noise, in a world that is so full of it. It is such clarity that becomes the fertile ground for personal growth and change. For having more confidence and impact in everything that you do.

My holistic approach to coaching draws upon all my life experiences and skills — as an investor, martial arts practitioner, musician, entrepreneur, certified coach, family constellator and general seeker of the ‘truth’. My goal is to use my whole-self to help you make the best of your-self.

Before I became a coach, I spent a decade in a shark tank as a professional investor. I learnt a great deal about both business and human relationship dynamics. What I also realised is that true success comes from within. That true success is really about an inner state, and not something out-there to be validated by others.

Why I coach

I am fascinated by the question of what it means to be human in our world. And, everyday is a journey of enquiry and learning for me. Everyday is about considering the nature of our evolving human reality. Coaching is my way of using that enquiry to benefit others. I love what I do — I don't consider coaching, or anything that I do in life, to be 'work' in the conventional sense.

My core beliefs for coaching

I believe in the vast human potential that is in all of us. And, experience has shown me that personal change can be quick. That is why I believe in the power of coaching. What it asks of you is courage — the courage to look deeper.

I'll give everything. Will you?

My methods, framework and skills:

I don’t subscribe to any particular method as a coach. In fact, I am anti the idea of restricting myself to any one thing. My intention is to use my diverse skills and experiences to support you to live with fulfillment and meaning.

I also believe in the power of engaging both mind and body, and aim to move beyond simply sitting and talking during coaching sessions. While talking through problems is central to how I work, I also introduce visual and spatial mapping, using objects and physical movement. These tools can often help unlock a fresh perspective, particularly when pure linguistic reasoning has left you feeling stuck.

Country: United Kingdom

Coaching Expertise



Personal Growth




Personal Growth coaching

3 years experience

Breaking through the limiting beliefs and narratives that hold you back.

Self-Leadership coaching

3 years experience

Accessing an inner-state of freedom to give you more clarity, confidence and focus in your life.

Career coaching

3 years experience

Making career transitions. Navigating organisational complexities. Dealing with challenges in a leadership role.


Associated Certified Coach (ACC)


Accreditation granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Organisational and Family Constellations


Coaching Constellations, London. 90 hours of training completed.

Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching


The Academy of Executive Coaching, London. 127 hours of training completed.

Professional and Educational Background


2016 - Present

Angel investor, art dealer, coach

Board of Directors — Affinity Water

2012 - 2015

Regulated UK water company with a turnover of c.£300 million

Board of Directors — Eversholt Rail

2011 - 2015

UK train leasing company with a turnover of c.£350 million

Private Equity Investor

2007 - 2016

Responsible for sourcing, executing and managing investments as part of Morgan Stanley's USD 4 billion infrastructure private equity fund. Involved in making investments with a combined value of over USD 5 billion.

University of Cambridge

2004 - 2007

Bachelors in Economics

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