Deborah Miller

Career, Self-Leadership and Life Coach

I will help you recognize your strengths and together we will create hope, optimism and flourishing in all areas of your life with an emphasis on your journey in the world of work. My experience and training in career counseling and coaching will help you create a life with meaning and purpose.

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About me

1000 hours

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My Story

Every aspect of my life has been through major transformation over the past 10 years. After much introspection and personal work, I left my marriage of 20 years. To get out of this emotionally and financially abusive relationship, I had to go through a paradigm shift. I let go of limiting beliefs that my husband had been inciting. After telling me for years that the only way to get out of my marriage would be to leave both my home and my child behind, I finally understood that the reality was quite the opposite.
This experience taught me about the importance of our belief system and how it can change our perception of possibilities. I don’t see myself defined by those events, they are only the backdrop of who I have become. My life is now filled with love and integrity. I’m happily married to my second husband, with 3 young adult children - a daughter and two step-sons; I went back to school for graduate studies and am running a successful consulting business. I wouldn’t trade my worst day now for my best day then.
I want to help others embrace their lives in the same way. I can help you overcome your limiting beliefs and find a way to flourish in life and in the world of work.

Why I coach

It is a privilege to be part of another human being’s personal transformation journey. One of my favorite quotes is by Rollo May, an existential psychologist who said, “Like a chemical mixture, if one of us is changed, both of us will be”.

My core beliefs for coaching

I'm pretty sure that words are my superpower. I listen deeply. I am interested in people's personal narratives, so much so that I have studied narrative career counseling. I will know you through your words because I believe they are a key outer manifestation of your inner world.
I speak deep truth. I am told that I am an insightful, intuitive, intelligent and articulate speaker. I connect to people through language. Sometimes if we don't speak the same language, a smile or a glance conveys a lot. I believe in kindness above all else and hope you will know this through my language.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Science of character or VIA Strengths (Values in Action)
  • Narrative career counseling

As a coach, I am flexible in the of use all of these frameworks to help clients develop language, self-knowledge, skill, and agency to create hope, optimism and flourishing in life and in the world of work.

Country: Canada

Coaching Expertise



Life Purpose




Personal Growth




Self-Leadership coaching

13 years experience

For me, the most vital parts of self-leadership are hope, optimism and self-agency. These are ultimately skills that can be mastered. Imagine that these are your most important "muscles" and that you are training for a marathon called life. This training should be at the top of your priority list. If there’s one skill I want you to make progress on in our work together, it is hope. Even when you don't feel it, I will hold hope for your progress and we'll train for this marathon together!

Life Purpose coaching

13 years experience

At a certain point in life, we all realize that time is not unlimited. We all have to wonder at some point how we are going live a life of meaning and purpose and what our legacy will be. I like to work with clients that are interested in leaving a legacy - not by accident but by intention. There is a theory in career coaching called “planned happenstance.” It says that luck = awareness + smart risk + adaptability". I can help you stay open to your environment, learn how to take smart risks and remain flexible. In doing so, you will become that "lucky" person who fulfills their life purpose.

Career coaching

13 years experience

I have been through several major career transformations working in small, medium and fortune 500 corporations, not-for-profits and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur founder of a successful coaching, education and program development consulting firm. I spend the majority of my time and energy helping organizations, their staff and clients create a flourishing work life. I support people who are at all levels in the world of work and who are ready to take the next step - whether it is getting to the next level, re-entry after time out looking after self or family, or pursuing higher education. My one-on-one coaching is an eclectic blend of career and life coaching and where I help my clients create a flourishing life.


Master of Education in Adult Education


In April 2019, I will complete a Master of Education in Adult Education Degree from Yorkville University with research focusing on coaching barriered/marginalized populations. I intend to pursue this research through Doctoral studies.

Professional Development Courses


As a life long learner, one of my personal strengths is a thirst for knowledge that applies to my life and my work. Every year, I attend several professional development conferences related to coaching, positive psychology and career development. This year, I fulfilled a long time goal by presenting a workshop and academic poster at The National Career Development conference. I've also taken part in several professional development courses including a Coaching Masterclass in Presence and the Use of Self, Mindfulness Facilitator Training, Positive Psychology and The Science of Happiness, Activating Empathy, Disability Awareness and Support, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

Certified Career Development Practicioner


I am one of the first fifty CCDP’s (Certified Career Development Practitioners) ever to complete this new elite certification through the CDPCBO (Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario).

Certified Coach


I am trained as a coach through Adler School of Professional Coaching which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Subsequent to this training, I achieved the credential Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Professional and Educational Background

Founder and Managing Director

2013 - Present

PersonaGrata Consulting uses a coaching framework to help our clients: achieve personal and professional goals; thrive through challenging transitions; build resiliency and skills by participating in meaningful personal and professional coaching and development programs.

Principal Coach and Program Director

2006 - 2013

Earthmoves Consulting delivered coaching, positive-educative programs and collaborative social enterprise events to help direct service clients formulate goals and enact strategies in order to flourish through life and career transitions.

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session
Meaning and Purpose Deep...
Includes 14 sessions / $4200
Resume Coaching
Includes 2 sessions / $700
Interview Coaching
Includes 1 session / $300
Back at it
Includes 2 sessions / $600
It’s sticky situation!
Includes 1 session / $175
Start or Grow Your Busin...
Includes 7 sessions / $2100
New Directions
Includes 7 sessions / $2100
Discovery Session
Includes 1 session / Free


C. R.

"I had the opportunity to work with Deborah. She was very knowledgeable, compassionate and helped me create an effective strategy to use in all areas of my life to create more balance. If you are looking for someone who really cares about her clients and has great resources then Deborah is a great choice!"

J. P.

"Deborah has truly been an inspiration and a great support and life coach… This is a journey and along the way, you learn your true character strengths and see how you can apply them in each aspect of your life whether it be at home, at work or school… After the session, I left feeling empowered, inspired and full of positive thoughts and energy. [Deborah] gets to the core and allows you to start asking and answering key questions like: what is right with me? How can I increase my well being?”

S. L.

"Deborah has been a tremendously helpful coach, and walked with me in support, as I planted the seeds for my new business… [she] helped me make informed choices to move forward on my journey. Her encouragement and insight have given me the confidence to create the kind of work I love to do."