Florian Brody

Life and Leadership Coach

I'll coach you to find the next step on your path to long-term success and happiness. I deeply listen to you where and why you feel stuck and where you see yourself next. From this, I develop a personalized program just for you.

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My Story

Throughout my life is was interested in complex processes and in people. I took apart what everyone believed cannot be opened and separated and I integrated so much that appeared to be incompatible and would never fit together. This practice taught me so much in the diverse fields I worked in digital and analog media, in software development and marketing, with large organizations like Apple and Novartis, and very small start-ups. I worked with artists and librarians, with engineers and bureaucrats. My office was in a Silicon Valley garage next to lathe, in a Palais in Paris, on the beach in Santa Monica, and in the Vienna Imperial Castle next to a nice 16th century library. As a digital media pioneer, I was always at the forefront of technology and yet my work was always about people. People with needs and desires, often stuck in their ways. Working with entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley led me to coaching as a way to best support their needs. I got certified as Integral Coach®, a methodology that perceives the client as unique human, supporting development on all aspects of being. I am also certified by the International Coach Federation the largest global coaching certification authority. Currently I study Aletheia coaching that further deepens the developmental approach.My Zen practice of over 30 years taught me the importance of compassion, deeply listening and how mindfulness changes the way we interact with others, my teenage daughter teaches me that many things are not the way we perceive them.

Why I coach

People have always come to me for advice. Rather than giving advice, I coach them to find the answer within themselves. And yes, it is a uniquely satisfying practice. Coaching also allows me to work with people I can support and gives me the opportunity to integrate my wide range of interests and expertise in art and tech with a deeply spiritual effort.

My core beliefs for coaching

I believe experiencing life every day to the fullest, being successful and happy depends on your ability to accept things as they are and develop resilience by recognizing that.My coaching is the unique support for you to develop your authentic voice and find your own path. It is not a drill towards accountability. You already have all the answers - I just support you in finding them and developing long-term excellency.The answers to questions like "how to be a more effective leader", "a more successful entrepreneur", "more connected to my partner and my family" are always deeper and closer to your own heart. It's not just about work or life, it's about you.Coaching is a developmental process based on mutual trust. It requires full engagement by the client and much like training in the gym, it requires commitment and time. I typically work with my clients six to nine months, a time frame that allows for a deeper development. I offer brief engagements with just a few sessions to review a specific issue.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • As a certified Integral Coach® I coach the whole person rather than just the issue at hand.
  • I deeply listen to you to understand how you're feeling and how you understand life.
  • Our partnership allows you to move forward effectively & meaningfully enabling you to embrace your own path.

Country: USA, Austria

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Personal Growth






Life Purpose




Romantic Relationships




Business coaching

3 years experience

I’m a certified coach and an international business strategist, mentor and advisor. I have worked with multinational organizations in Europe and the US and I have co-founded four startups. Combining over 20 years of experience in marketing and corporate solutions I work with entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners in all phases of growth. I am teaching aspects of digital business management at European universities.

Career coaching

3 years experience

Do you feel your work-life balance and your career ladder are not what you expect? I will work with you to support you in a shift towards work-life integration, getting to know your strengths and be more present in your authentic way of being. Just being yourself is your strongest asset in developing a successful and fulfilling career that is an integral part of your life.

Personal Growth coaching

4 years experience

We feel stuck – life could be better, different. As certified Integral Coach® I work with executives and professionals asking themselves “what’s next for me?” and “why am I doing all this?” There is no quick-fix and self-improvement programs create more pain and suffering as we never seem to get to reach the goal. I am deeply listening to my client to understand and sense how life is for them and to jointly create a program for long-term excellence and a deeper sense of living in the present.


Aletheia Professional Coach Training


Aletheia offers the long-term support needed for authentic and embodied self-development with the the ongoing support of a community of practice. Aletheia is an experiment in complementary education that focused on development of various life skills. The core curriculum follows a seven-phase developmental model over the span of ~10 years. This includes working with issues of self-care and life balance, inner critic work, interpersonal relationships, work relationships and power dynamics, vocation and life purpose, and stages of spiritual development.

Certification as Integral Coach, PCC - Professional Coaching Course


Certification as Integral® Coach requires the completion of the one-year intensive Professional Coaching Course by New Ventures West, accredited by ICF. Training as Aletheia Coach (certification 2020) The method "attends to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which he is always embedded" and teaches "coaches [to] understand their clients with great depth and scope, converse with them in a way that opens up insights and possibilities, and offer a path forward that includes activities custom-designed for them." (NVW Website)

Professional and Educational Background

CoFounder & CEO

1999 - 2000

Co-founded and managed a digital lifestyle internet company, providing a secure personal space on the Internet.

M.A. equiv. in Computer Linguistrics

1974 - 1983

Vienna University

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