Barrett Freibert

Flow Coach

I'll guide you to cultivate radical transformation by addressing your emotional blocks and adding flow rituals to realign with your best self. My specialties include creativity, confidence, healthy weight, insomnia, and grief.

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About me

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My Story

For years I struggled with my weight, my purpose, insomnia, and deep sadness. Now I realize, my illnesses stemmed from not dealing with early traumas. With the help of talented holistic practitioners and my coach, I found my way back to flow. Now that I am healthy and confident in my body my mission is to help others realign with their best selves. In order to do my best work as a coach, I have to stay in the work myself. Currently, I am studying with my mentor and coach in New Mexico and researching new healing techniques to serve my clients best. Through my studies and own experience, it's imperative to address each challenge through mind, body, and spirit for radical transformation. I address the emotional root with my clients first. Then, we add in mental and physical practices to cultivate longevity. This way my clients gain the tools to face challenges and transform them into epiphanies.

Why I coach

I coach because we are all healing from something. And healing does not happen overnight. But with commitment to the work and belief in healing, anything is possible. Everyone has the answers within. Sometimes we need someone to objectively guide us back to our divine knowing. Through shadow work, flow, accountability, my client’s confidence, creativity, and productivity skyrockets.

My core beliefs for coaching

My coaching is powerful because I encourage, inspire, support, and guide my clients. I do not sugar-coat situations. In order to grow and create radical transformation, honesty must be employed from both coach and client. I create a sacred and safe place for clients to shed old ways and step into their power.

My methods, framework, and skills:

I use a flow philosophy (combining both types of flow: the Taoist principle Wu Wei and the state of hyperawareness) to coach clients. I also employ techniques such as mindfulness, enneagram, archetypes, and the law of attraction and more to craft an individualized journey back to your best self.

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Personal Growth




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Health coaching

3 years experience

My mom is a health coach and Reiki master, so I grew up in a household where holistic health practices were the norm. I knew what Echinacea was when I was five. However, I only changed my lifestyle and career when insomnia inspired me to reconsider my choices. I began to slow down and let go of my perfectionistic tendencies. I guide my clients to discover their emotional root, add exercise and healthy food they love, and practice flow activities to rediscover their best selves.

Spirituality coaching

3 years experience

I've always been spiritual, but it wasn't until I experienced chronic insomnia that I fully embraced my spiritual side. On an emotional level, my illness was telling me to let my past go in order to heal. Many of my clients have experienced profound healing by facing their trauma and sitting with those uncomfortable emotions, which is energy in motion. If you want to heal, you must let this pain move through you. It's hard work, but I promise it's worth it!

Personal Growth coaching

3 years experience

In order to continue to grow, you must cultivate inspiration and do what you love! You may not be able to leave an unfulfilling job tomorrow, but you can make tweaks to cultivate joy and a plan to ascend to your dreams. Howard Thurman said, "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Whether you need inspiration or self-confidence, adding more flow into your life will get you there!


Certified Holistic Life Coach


The training at Radiant Coaches Academy emphasized working with the mind, body and spirit. My training concentrated on supercharging relationship skills, deepening conscious awareness, and fully engaging personal power. We covered living a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness techniques, and tapping into our innate and inexhaustible wisdom.

Professional and Educational Background

Coach/Business Owner

2017 - Present

I started my own coaching practice "Ebb and Flow Coaching" to help clients cultivate radical transformation and flow into their best selves.

Yoga Instructor

2017 - Present

I teach at Small World Yoga, Climb, Aspire, and Shakti in Nashville, TN. I also give private lessons in person.

Project Manager

2015 - 2018

I still do freelance market research and project management. My tasks include conducting secondary research, coding open-ended survey questions, creating video playlists, and finding answers to clients' questions.

English Language and Literature

2007 - 2012

I majored in English and minored in Spanish and Political Science at University of Louisville.

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Lindsay Robertson

"Barrett helped me re-center, take a step back, and look at what I wanted in my life. She helped me set goals and kept me focused. It was a tremendous help to know I had someone to be accountable to. She is a great coach, that really cares about her clients."

Tayla Scaife

"I struggled with a very personal issue for a long time. Barrett helped me work through it and gain the confidence to move on. I was able to let go of what had been holding me back and use her tools to continue to grow. As a fellow life coach, Barrett is well versed in techniques to help anyone make the best decisions for themselves. I highly recommend you have her coach you through whatever your needs may be. You will not be disappointed."

Faith Benson

"I worked with Barrett during a transitional time professionally, and her guidance and insight were absolutely critical in my decision-making process. She is both incredibly knowledgeable in her field and cares deeply about her clients. If you feel like your head has been in the sand and you're looking for a way to make wonder and passion a mainstay in your life again, I highly recommend Barrett's flow coaching."