Crystal Buckley

ADHD Coach

I coach children and adults with ADHD to discover that ADHD is not a disability. It is a superpower. Together, we will find your strengths, and you'll learn how to use them to accomplish your goals.

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About me

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My Story

I live with ADHD myself but wasn't diagnosed until my 30ies. Until then, I always thought I was just different. But one day my electricity and water were shut down at the same time because I forgot to pay the bill. That is when I realized that I had to take care of my mental health. Since then my life has changed a lot. I'm now an expert on ADHD and help my sons who both also live with ADHD to get the right support. By tackling my diagnosis, I found my self-esteem and self-care techniques that I also use in my coaching.

Why I coach

I coach because I don’t want others to struggle the way I did. I remember the tears, pain, and frustration living through sleepless nights and depression. I was trying to find myself and to help my kids. I don't want you to go through the same pain we did. You do not have to find out everything by yourself.

My core beliefs for coaching

There is lots of stigma surrounding ADHD. They call it a disability, but it's a superpower. You just have to learn how to use it. My job is to help the client with what they want help for. My sessions are run by the client's agenda only.

My methods, framework, and skills:

I adjust my methods very much based on my client. Each client is different and deserves a unique approach. In general, I will help you discover your inner strengths, how you can use them and how you can accomplish your goals and dreams.

Country: USA

Coaching Expertise

Personal Growth






Social Life and Friends


Life Purpose


Family coaching

5 years experience

I come from a broken family where we had lots of struggles, and I have suffered from verbal and emotional abuse. I decided to separate myself from the toxic relationship that I had in my life. In my coaching, I want my clients to know their value and for them to find an identity inside and outside of their family.

Self-Leadership coaching

5 years experience

Growing up, I was constantly controlled and being told what to do. When I got my kids, I put my own needs last, trying to protect and support them. But I realized that I need to also take care of myself emotionally and mentally to be a good mother. I want my clients to understand that you are the most important person in your life. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

Personal Growth coaching

5 years experience

I grew up with ADHD and both my partner and my two sons suffer from it as well. Early on, I learned that I had to fight for my needs and the need of my children. Through this experience, I am empathetic to the issues that my clients will experience. I’m not here to fix their problems, I’m here to find what is already inside of them. They have the answers just need help finding them.


Certified ADHD Coach


I finished my advanced program in personal transformation coaching with a focus on ADHD at the ADD Coach Academy.

Professional and Educational Background


2010 - 2018

I've been working in healthcare in different facilities (private, public), especially in child care and the nursing field.

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