Merideth Bisiker

Business Operations Coach / Executive Coach

Want to escape your business that's consumed your life? Closing up shop isn't the answer! Through targeted questioning, I'll help you pinpoint the RIGHT way to streamline your business and implement a plan so you can put burnout and stress behind you.

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About me

275 hours

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My Story

I know what it's like to deal with burnout from business. Several years ago I was building my coaching practice and still working at my government finance job, which meant that I was up at 5:00 am to work on my business, and going to bed far too late every night updating my website, creating funnels, trying to find the next magic solution that would give me more time - you know how it is! I kept telling myself that the long hours were just short-term, but it went on for months, all while raising two young children. Not a healthy formula!

I saw some success during that time, but it wasn't worth what was waiting for me: a case of shingles at far too young an age, bookended by two strange flu-like episodes. Add chronic migraines, and you've got all the signs of burnout.

The other problem? I lost my light. Usually known for my positivity and fun nature, I became dull, tired, and quite honestly, a drag to be around. (Just ask my husband and kids!)

What I finally learned through this struggle and some necessary down-time to help me heal from my illnesses, was that that I had taken the wrong approach to my business: I had an unhelathy "all in" - yet globally accepted - approach that prohibited me from giving my busienss the focus it was begging for. Not only was I need in self-care, but so was my business. I finally got smart and dramatically reduced the hours I spent working ON my business to one hour a day by implementing a FOCUSED strategy and following it. I saw faster growth, I was healthier, and I was able to quit my government job and earn a living from my business.

What I want my clients to understand is that while burnout seems like the status quo in the business owner community, it's completely avoidable and unnecessary. Why not turn the norm on its head by working less hours and having more time to spend with your family and pursue other passions that are waiting for your attention? I’m here to help you find a solution and to get you out of the struggle - and bring your light back!

Why I coach

I'm a business coach for one simple reason: Business owners have the potential to create MASSIVE ripple effects in their companies and in their communities as your very nature is to find innovative solutions for others. If you're burned out and your business doesn't have a healthy structure, you can't make that impact that you initially set out to make.

Coaching has helped me avoid the pitfall of feeling like my business is a burden rather than a channel through which I support others. Coaching helps me set healthy boundaries with my time, with my clients, and with myself.

My core beliefs for business coaching

  1. Your business requires and deserves the same amount of attention and care that YOU deserve.
  2. My clients will see fast results when they are ready, willing and able.
  3. There is a solution to every problem, and you can typically find that solution more quickly than you first expect.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • GROW model (Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options, Way Forward)
  • intuitive questioning
  • walking clients through drafting and finalizing a business strategic plan
  • providing a space that feels safe & interpersonal skills that allow people to trust me instantly

Country: Canada

Coaching Expertise

Personal Finances


Personal Growth




Personal Growth coaching

15 years experience

I've understood from a young age that it's up to me to create the life I envision, and I to go for my dreams! I'm passionate about coaching business owners and witnessing the ripple effect from that, and have various tools and coaching techniques to ensure that your businesses support your personal growth. I'm equally passionate about my creative endeavours - including producing a music documentary and singing with a rock cover band- because I know that feeding our creativity in other ways supports our creativity within our businesses.

Business coaching

9 years experience

Over the years, I worked in different business sectors, including for-profit and non-profit, with a focus on finance and operations. I take a data-based approach to strategy and couple that with intuitive questioning to ensure that your plan matches your vision. I have 25 years of business finance experience that lends itself to thorough assessment of your business. Numbers tell us the stories we need to know about your business and how to find the right tools and resources to operationalize and streamline.

Personal Finances coaching

25 years experience

I have a vast experience in finances because I worked in banking and accounting for most of my life. Often your personal finances migrate over to business matters, and ensuring that your business supports your personal money goals is key. I want to help you think about money in a healthy way and be able to break the taboo surrounding the topic - whether you want to discuss debt, overspending, or managing your wealthy. Talking about your financial problems is powerful!


Certified Holistic Life Coach


My training with Radiant Coaches Academy was key in helping me hone my coaching skills. I learned true life coaching practices such as active listening, questioning, trusting my intuition and recognizing red flags (suicidal thoughts). Hands down, this training changed my life, and I'm a great coach because of it.

Certified Money Coach (CMC)


Money Coaching Institute, Behavioural Finance

Professional and Educational Background

Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance

2019 - Present

I'm currently pursuing this certificate to anchor my 25 years of accounting and finance experience + round out my education received with the Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia.

Treasurer - Non-Profit Society - Volunteer

2018 - 2019

I lend my expertise to this organization as Treasurer, and get so much back through my connections to filmmakers. As a working board member, I do the monthly bookkeeping, report to the Board at monthly meetings, and take part in strategy sessions as the organization rebrands and creates a 5-year Strategic Plan.

Operations Manager - Part-Time Contract

2018 - 2019

In this position I work with a leading national arts and culture consultant in an operational capacity, supporting team growth and operationalizing her consultancy. I also support various clients projects with public engagement (i.e. collating survey and data input and supporting public engagement workshops), as well as administrative projects such as drafting a complete Policy and Procedures manual.

Financial and Data Administrator - Part-Time Contract

2018 - 2019

This contract position with a provincial charitable organization has afforded me the opportunity to support the Managing Director and Board to implement their strategic workplan. My current focus has been migrating the organization to a new accounting platform (Quickbooks Online), drafting budgets, creating an administrative handbook, and managing the membership platform. I'm also a member of the organization's Insight Team and answer operations-related inquiries (i.e. privacy and record retention, budget, etc.)

Director of Education

2017 - 2018

I worked as the Director of Education at Radiant Coaches Academy. During my time there, I created an online course for an ICF accredited academy. My tasks included monitoring the course, managing the content and leading a team of content writers.

Certified Life Coach

2014 - Present

I started my own coaching business to support clients to create a healthy relationship with money.

Financial Assistant

2011 - 2017

I worked as a financial assistant for the town of Qualicum Beach. This job required me to mediate between management and staff and taught me valuable interpersonal skills.

Bachelor in English and French Languages - Literature

1997 - 2002

I studied at Simon Fraser University and originally wanted to become a teacher. My favorite classes were my French and Spanish classes, followed closely by educational psychology.

Coaching Packages

Business Health Assessme...
Includes 10 sessions / $5000
Partner-In-Business Coac...
Includes 6 sessions / $650
Supplementary Fee - Busi...
Includes 1 session / $100


Jason Van Orden

"As a result of working with Merideth, I was able to charge more than I ever have for my consulting services and confidently land clients who are happy to pay those amounts. She also helped me make a key mindset shift when it comes to how I manage my income. That has put me on a path to reach important financial goals that have eluded me for years. Given the resulting boost in income, confidence and mental well-being around money, coaching with her has more than paid for itself."

Felicia Fay King

"Just had a breakthrough session with Money Coach Merideth and she rocked my money world. I was able to identify a few of my key major money blocks and uncover deep-rooted limiting money beliefs I had. I am so grateful to Merideth for her help and cannot wait for my next session with her. I highly recommend her for all your abundance needs."

Twyla Rey Clarke

"Being able to work with Merideth first hand has been a great experience. She listened and understood the things that I was saying and not saying. She helped me dive deep into my blocks and provided great insight and helpful tips to move forward. Merideth asked thought-provoking questions that helped guide me towards my own insight. She mirrored things back to me, so I could hear how they sounded for myself. Lastly, I really appreciated that she’s holding me accountable on my action steps from our session and will be following up with me."