Brian R. King

Mindset Coach

I live with ADHD & MS and want to help professionals with mental or physical illness to find a better balance with work, family, and life. Working with me, you will experience the liberating power of extreme honesty. I believe that the healing offered by vulnerability will help you find peace.

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My Story

Hi and welcome to my profile; you have come across a kindred spirit. I live with ADHD, Aspergers, and Multiple Sclerosis and if there is one thing I learned through those illnesses, it is this: Everybody deserves to be happy, no matter what limitations you are experiencing. Living with a life-long condition, I know the anger about the hand you have been dealt. But in life, there is no out; there is only through. For me, it was vital to accept that I cannot go back to the person I used to be. I learned to grieve the loss of my dreams through limitation.Accepting the story of who we are, offers the liberating power of extreme honesty. I believe that healing comes through vulnerability. That is why I create an inviting and open space for my clients to express their feelings, especially of shame.

Why I coach

Coaching has helped me see my blind spots and bring my fears to the surface. I love the way coaching teaches you to look at yourself honestly without judgment. I still sometimes end up getting into my way, and it is a great relief for me to work with coaches to break through mental blockages. People with challenges deserve to be happy in their skin and to have the opportunity to make their full contribution in life. It can be an uphill battle, and they need support to keep climbing. I do what I do because if it wasn't for the support I've received over the years I shudder to think of what could've become of me.We are all just humans and struggling is part of our experience on earth. You do not have to go through the pain alone.

My core beliefs for coaching

You deserve to be accepted as you are. Freedom lies in letting go of expectations. Self-Compassion is the root of finding peace.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • CBT techniques based on my social work background
  • Texting, video lessons and video sessions to stimulate reflection
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs and inspire you to take new action daily to create your desired outcomes

Country: USA

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Personal Growth




Social Life and Friends




Health coaching

12 years experience

Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, I had to learn to be patient with my body. I want my clients to understand that grieving this loss of who you were is needed. You might not be able to fulfill all the dreams you had but you can still live a fulfilling life.

Self-Leadership coaching

12 years experience

Working in a hospice, I learned a lot about people's life stories, their regrets and what matters at the end of the day. We do not have control over everything in life. But what I want my clients to realize is that they are responsible for how they react on whatever life throws into their way.

Personal Growth coaching

12 years experience

I want you to be comfortable on your coaching journey. I have gone through deep personal trauma myself and therefore do not judge other people for their vulnerabilities. Together, we can safely discover your struggles and work through them using CBT, mindfulness and coaching techniques.


Coaching Course


I completed a course at the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) focusing on helping single people to find their soul mates. I learned how expectations, limited beliefs or poor self-awareness can sabotage our ability to find and sustain relationships that help us grow. More importantly, I learned how to help people move through those limits.

Professional and Educational Background

Best Selling Author

2013 - 2018

My book "Perfect Moments in Relationships: Lessons in Connection For Work, Family, Love and Life" became a best seller on Amazon. I want the reader to get back authenticity and to reconnect with their loved ones.

ADHD Peak Performance Coach

2006 - 2018

I started my own coaching practice in 2006. During the last eight years, I have been coaching entirely online.

Keynote Presenter

2006 - 2018

I have been speaking in front of different audiences for 25 years. I share with them my own story of resilience, living with learning and physical disabilities. During my keynotes, I reveal key decisions that we all must make in order to be successful regardless of which challenges we are facing.

MSW Social Work

1999 - 2002

Aurora University

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Linda Weaver

"I recently joined a group call facilitated by Brian King. I was very enlightened! I came away with action steps I could use to make changes right away in my personal and professional life. Brian is very knowledgeable and insightful - quickly pinpointing our areas of challenge with his experienced tried and true methods. Give Brian a call! Believe me - you won’t regret it unless you DON’T talk to Brian!!"

Scott Doucet

"I encourage anyone who has an overactive mind/ is a generally doubtful person to reach out to Brian. Something about this man worked on me. He addressed my doubts; my stomach stopped churning, and I started to shift internally to a calmer spot.”

Shannon McKennie

"I love Brian’s outside the box approach. I came to him hoping to find a path to forgiveness that would help deepen my relationships. What blows me away is that Brian makes himself accessible at any time one of us needs some on-the-spot coaching in a difficult situation….AWESOME! Brian’s knowledge reaches a broad spectrum of humans with challenges because of his knowledge and talents. He is in his own. His purpose. He makes a difference on this earth. I would recommend him hands down to anyone looking to improve their relationships.”