Jasmine Briggs

Career Coach & Resume Writer

I will support you in creating your dream career through effective career planning and self-discovery. We will create a job search strategy, develop your career-related marketing materials and personal branding. I have worked as a career coach for over five years and am an experienced resume writer.

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About me

4000 hours

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My Story

My background is in recruitment and workforce development, however my original dream was to be an actor. I studied theater and playwriting and performed in Washington, DC, and NYC, while also working as a Recruiter. Once I decided that the life of an actor was no longer for me, I had to engage in career-related self-discovery and some deep soul searching. At that point, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and create a transition plan for myself. Because of my experience as a career transitioner, I learned to deal with the fear and confusion that comes with not knowing what you want to do next.Along with owning my own coaching practice, I am an Assistant Director of Career Services at a business college in NYC, assisting students and alumni with setting career goals, developing career management strategies, and finding employment. I also develop and facilitate workshops and panels on topics related to career development and job search planning.

Why I coach

I coach because I believe everyone should love their career. I enjoy helping people see their brilliance and helping them craft a strategy for the world to see it. I am a great listener and strategy partner for your career.

My core beliefs for coaching

Everything starts with what you believe about yourself and the world around you. Good planning goes a long way. As a career coach at Creatively Inspired Coaching, I work with professionals on manifesting their dream careers. I support my clients in career exploration, setting career goals, employment search techniques, and resume writing.I have coached individuals regarding the current job market, their personal brand, and their search for employment. I can help you transition into a new career, to strengthen your interview skills and to create winning resumes and cover letters.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • Deep questioning and creative expression activities
  • Using unique and varied techniques for transitioning into a new role
  • Ensuring that your resume, LinkedIn profile and other branding materials are top notch and express your personal genius.

Country: USA

Coaching Expertise



Personal Growth


Life Purpose






Life Purpose coaching

5 years experience

I believe that finding your life purpose is connected to career. That is why I can support you in figuring out what new areas you would like to explore. I have helped clients let go of their preconceived notions regarding what a particular industry or role must look like and can do the same for you.

Personal Growth coaching

5 years experience

As a certified life coach I have held workshops on goal setting and life plans and coached people individually. I use creative expression to help people. I can support you to let go of old relationships and to heal your feelings of the past.

Career coaching

5 years experience

I started my career in recruitment and helped a diverse population with challenges to find employment. If you work with me, I will help you feel confident in what you have to offer for an organization. We will create a strategy for your job search, and I will hold you accountable to stick with your job transition plan.


MBTI Step 1


I am certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment. During the training, I learned about the MBTI types and how they relate to your career and professional development.

Momentum Education Leadership Training


We worked on a group project to define our leadership skills and to learn to show up in our lives as a leader.

Tranformational Life Coaching


I learned basic and advanced coaching skills during the program at Sofia University, USA.

Professional and Educational Background

Master in Transpersonal Psychology

2008 - 2010

I studied Western psychology and spiritual traditions with a specialization in creativity and innovation.

Bachelor of Arts

2000 - 2004

I was a Theater major and Creative Writing minor, which improved my public speaking and writing. My focus was on playwriting, and I also participated in theater performances as an actor.

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session
3 Month Coaching Package
Includes 6 sessions / $600
Career Coaching & Resume...
Includes 9 sessions / $1350


Denise Cordova

"I had the fortune to attend one of Jasmine's Creative Workshops. The experience was transformative for me. As a result of my participation in Jasmine's Creative Workshop, I am now in my 2nd year of a Ph.D. program. Her workshop helped me understand that this was an attainable goal for me and I am loving the experience. I highly recommend any of Jasmine's Workshops - You will be transformed!"

Angie Dostaly

"When I first spoke to Jasmine over the phone for my free 30-minute career advice coaching session, she was very professional, polite, and attentive. She has great listening skills which are very hard to find in people these days. Our conversation over the phone went very smooth, and it was not rushed. This solidified my interest that I would want to work with her, and I am glad that I did. Meeting her in person, she was able to dissect the areas or some of the hurdles that I had with transitioning from one career to another and give a positive critique of my resume. She gave me some valuable advice and tips in looking for a job, interview strategies, networking and career branding. I left our meeting confident and assured that I knew the steps to take going forward in my career goals. I would recommend Jasmine to anyone looking for career coaching advice. I look forward to working with her again."

Parita Patel

"Jasmine is a supportive, thought-provoking, and personable life coach. What I learn from her classes about myself is invaluable. I've been able to develop a new set of tools to help me identify goals and reclaim dreams that I had allowed myself to forget. I recommend this class to anyone interested in aligning their professional dreams to their personal goals and to those who are ready to spend time on the things they really want to be doing."