Ana Caragea

Career Coach for Introverts in their 20s

I help introverts in their 20s speed up their career growth while still having fun :)

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7 weeks Group Coaching - Speed up your Career Growth with ease and confidence

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Know your strengths
  • Become confident at work
  • Remove doubt and insecurity
  • Communicate your value clearly

…then this course is for you!

In this 7 weeks program, I’ve included everything you need to know:

  • Clarify your boundaries to stay away from resentment and discontent
  • Learn how to use powerful words in your daily interactions
  • Crafting your work story - the lessons you've learned through your ups and downs
  • How to make decisions with ease and confidence
  • You are AWESOME! Give yourself some credit! How to build work resilience
  • Craft your career path
  • How to enroll your boss/ potential employer on your career path. How to sell your services effectively.

Your To-Do list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Constant demands from everywhere. You do your best to manage, but there are too many distractions that take away your time.

You don't know where exactly you are going in your career, but you wish you knew. And you want to get there FASTER. Yesterday, if possible. You feel the pressure coming from everywhere, your family, you partner, social media - just to name a few.

You feel like you have to keep up non-stop with everyone's expectations, specially with your own expectations.

I get it. I was my worst boss. And I gave up. I said "enough is enough". I didn't want to beat myself up anymore with how far behind I thought I was.

I want to help you with that as well. That's why I've created this 7 weeks group program, along the online training.

What's included:

  • 7 x 1.5 hrs group coaching sessions via Internet
  • 7 weeks of online video training that you can take on your own pace
  • worksheets and resources for taking action to grow your career resourcefulness
  • a community of like-minded individuals that will support you on your journey
  • 24 hrs access to the Facebook community to ask all of your questions**

Investment 150 USD x 7 sessions = Total 1050 USD

Let's speed up your career growth!
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My role as a Career Coach is to facilitate insights and to support my clients in finding their unique solutions to the challenges they're facing.

I'm 33 years old, happily married, living in Dubai. I was always drawn into helping others, that's why my University degree is in Sociology/Psychology. I used to see myself being a Therapist, but life happened, and I've chosen to travel for about 8 years (I've visited 37 countries so far).

5 years ago, I've discovered my passion for Coaching. I'm finding this profession very efficient and rewarding.
My coaching journey began by taking an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited course, which gave me the basic understanding of what's expected from me as a coach. Sensing that there's more to coaching than just asking powerful questions, I had an inner question that eventually led me to search other coach development programs. That's how I've gotten into Robbins - Madanes Training of Strategic Interventions. The complex approach to coaching gives me the perfect tools to navigate towards a greater understanding of human behaviour, emotions, needs, strengths. I am taking in new perspectives of one's problem. I don't look only at the effect of a problem, I am looking deeper, I am searching for the cause of the problem.

With the help of the strategies that I have in my coach's toolkit, I'm inviting you to a better, more compelling future.

I'm most passionate about helping heart-centred young introverts create their dream job while having fun and getting stuff done.

Some of the topics I cover are: support with communication skills, personal development, discovering and trusting your intuition, creating your vision, stress management, team motivation and engagement and many more.

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Personal Growth






Personal Finances


Self-Leadership coaching

5 years experience

I've coached over 130 clients on different topics: finding a job, dealing with a stressful boss, stress management, starting a new company, relationship disagreements, self-doubt, confidence, leadership skills, public speaking, networking skills. ++++ Please message me with your answers to these questions: 1. What do you want to achieve with coaching (tell me a little bit about your dream/vision)? 2. What scares you about your next step towards that? 3. How do you know you are ready to make your dream/vision come true?


Impacting Leaders


Impacting Leaders – Michael Neill

Strategic Interventions Master Coach Program


Robbins – Madanes Training Mastery – Strategic Interventions Master Coach Program

Quality Customer Service Certificate


Quality Customer Service Certificate – Spearhead Training

Stress and Time Management Certificate


Stress and Time Management Certificate – HNI Training & Coaching

Introduction to Positive Psychology for Coaches Certificate


Introduction to Positive Psychology for Coaches Certificate – School of Coaching Mastery

Values, Needs and Strengths Certificate


Values, Needs and Strengths Certificate – School of Coaching Mastery

Certified Competent Coach


Certified Competent Coach – School of Coaching Mastery (ICF and IAC approved 2 Months Coaching Training)

Life Coach Certificate, Professional Life/Career Coach


Life Coach Certificate, Professional Life/Career Coach – Goal Imagery Institute (ICF-Approved, 3-Months Life/Career Coach Training)

Professional and Educational Background

Owner and Leadership Coach at Strategic Discovery LLC

2014 - 2019

The clients I work with are Young Managers in their 20s and 30s wanting to become efficient and effective at delegating, communicating and motivating their team while having fun. Some of the work that we do is on their communication skills, personal development, discovering their vision, trusting their intuition, building trust with their colleagues and much more. My Services are Custom-Made. Because You are Unique, and because I want to honour that uniqueness, each coaching program is adjusted to your Vision. Our sessions are confidential and you have control of the coaching agenda. Let's schedule a Free Clarity Call to see if there are ways I can help you.

Bachelor’s Degree, Sociology-Psychology

2004 - 2008

University “Spiru Haret”, Faculty of Sociology-Psychology Bucharest/ Romania – Bachelor’s Degree, Sociology-Psychology

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session
Speed Up your Career Gro...
Includes 7 sessions / $1050
1 Month Leadership Coach...
Includes 3 sessions / $750



Ana has a very calming approachable disposition - she is a good listener and offers sound positive solutions. It has been my pleasure getting to know her and learning from her.

Nicole Quartin

Ana has given hope and inspiration in a very hard time in my life. Her calm nature and beautiful heart make her an extremely credible coach for me. In tune with what a woman needs and feels in an ever-changing and challenging life, she shares knowledge and structure in her very unique way. Thank you for being that hand held by my side!

Govind Babu, General Manager

When I met Coach Ana Carega, was going through some of my most challenging times, started a new business in a new country, getting through every day was so tough, used to go into a shell and battled with my low self esteem. This is when Coach Ana's session really helped me turn around, she took me through a process of restoring my self esteem & my life transformed in so many ways, grateful to her