Harleen Chadha

Clarity and Success Mindset Coach

I coach overwhelmed high achievers and high performers who are looking to create a life of purpose. I will help you to break the pattern of self-limiting beliefs if you are ready for some inspired action. With more than three years of experience as a coach, I will empower you to find your own voice.

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About me

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My Story

I help to empower high-achieving professionals (especially women) to find their inner voice, get crystal clear on their vision and create an action-plan to steer their way towards their goals! After having gone through a transition from a corporate woman to being a self- employed mum myself, I can understand the struggles involved in career transition. I know what it is like to question your self-worth and hit the ground feeling overwhelmed when it comes to pursuing something you are passionate about yet not knowing where to start. I worked with a coach myself to help me get out of this situation. I worked with the best business and life coaches and studied under the leadership of Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor. I have accumulated the wisdom that has allowed me to become the best version of myself and I am still evolving on this beautiful journey. Now I am on a mission to help you walk that road to meet 'the best you' - Are you ready?

Why I coach

I have a crazy obsession to see other people succeed, grow and prosper. This is my life purpose. I coach because I want to help my clients see what they can’t - their uniqueness. I want to help them smash their inner critic voices by taking massive action.I want you to get clear on who you are, who you want to be and work on your mindset, because: Sucess is about 80% Mindset and 20% other mechanics. I will help you create an empowered mindset that can lay strong foundations for you to achieve your goals quicker. You will get help around time management, setting mindful goals and creating a strategic plan.

My core beliefs for coaching

I believe that for the coaching to be effective, my clients should be ready to take charge and willing to work through the process of transformation. Sometimes, I feel a need to mentor my client to take the next step if they are stuck and allow me to do so. I believe that coaching works best when there is growth mindset - a mind that is curious to explore and go deeper.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • I work with professional women on their business strategy, confidence, and mindset
  • topics: productivity, work-life harmony, dealing with inner critic voice, goal setting with soul, leadership skills, mompreneurs, high achievers
  • I coach and mentor using my coactive coaching skills, NLP techniques, and business coaching expertise

Country: UK

Coaching Expertise

Life Purpose


Personal Growth








Life Purpose coaching

3 years experience

I coach corporate and business clients on finding their life purpose before we work on any transitions they want to undertake. I utilize my coactive coaching skills and NLP techniques for this such as guided visualizations, value-based matrix and identifying your peak/through experiences.

Self-Leadership coaching

2 years experience

I have been a corporate myself who transitioned into the self-employed role. That is why I understand the intricacies of being a leader in both the professional and business world. I will help you with leadership using tools such as the Wheel of Life, productivity coaching for high achievers or mindest and success coaching tools.

Personal Growth coaching

2 years experience

Being a Clarity and Success Mindset Coach, I have coached many clients to help them in their personal growth, creating an empowered mindset which in turn has reflected on their personal life, career, and business too. My tools and strategies that I use have been very effective with high achievers in goal- setting and leadership roles and for people looking for a better work-life harmony.


CPCC (Certified Professional Coactive Coach)


The Coactive Coaching targets fundamental shifts in consciousness and behavior to transform an individual’s world from the inside out. It evokes a fuller more authentic expression of your true self and purpose.

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Program


During the training, I learned a set of strategies to change someone's internal representation. Some of the techniques taught were: Collapsing Anchors, Visual Squash, 6-step Reframing, V/K dissociation, Change Personal History, Belief Change, Reimprint. All these models and techniques can be used in many areas or professions.

Rapid Induction Hypnosis


Rapid inductions are a method of getting people into a state of hypnosis as fast as possible.

Professional and Educational Background

Financial Consultant

2012 - 2016

I worked at Lloyds Banking Group and was advising clients on investments and other financial instruments. CEFAP qualified.

Masters in Business Economics (Distinction)

2006 - 2004

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session



"I first spoke to Harleen when I was at a point in my life and career that was becoming too cluttered and difficult to manage. I felt I was spinning too many plates and not particularly doing a very good job at anything. Being a mum to my two boys, a good wife to my husband or a decent leader in my demanding advertising job. What Harleen helped me do was stop, listen and focus on what the problems were bit by bit. Amazingly it seemed many of the problems didn't even exist and were placed there by myself and my own worries of failure. Looking back it was so obvious that this was the case, but Harleen allowed me to discover and park these worries one by one. We focused on what was really important to me and what I needed to do in order to make my goals happen. I now manage to focus on my numerous roles one by one - with less of the manic multitasking that I was doing before. So when I'm at work, I'm at work. And when I'm with the kids, I'm with the kids. My career is progressing, I've been pushing myself to do more thought leadership sessions in the industry to raise my profile and salary, and I've also developed confidence in my ability and worth. My home life is calmer, and I can connect with my family in a more focused way. Nothing is perfect, and there are days when this all goes to pot - BUT now I can identify these days and work to make them better, rather than be consumed by guilt and self-doubt."


"I have started coaching with Harleen, as I am in crossroads in my life, and with so many exciting options ahead of me, it is great to have professional support to help me question where I'm going, and the options and possibilities ahead of me. It is also great to have someone truly on your side! By asking powerful questions, doing useful exercises together, and setting me thought-provoking homework, I am now getting closer to my goal. I love working with Harleen as she's a positive, can-do person, and very knowledgeable. I'm surprised how quickly I started to feel I was making true progress. Harleen is on a mission to help me achieve my goals!"

Lucy Aldis

"I approached Harleen for coaching after a transitional time in my life. I knew I needed to focus on setting some goals and having a framework for a future career, but I also knew I needed to identify how to move forward in the best way. Harleen is a very practical and brings challenges to the process in a constructive way but what I love about her is that she works with a level of intuition that I think is essential when you are working with the person as a whole. Although I arrived wanting to concentrate on my professional career, Harleen helped to identify the personal issues in my life preventing that. It has been a greater emotional experience than I anticipated but I am delighted to say that I have cleared some big blockers from my life which has given me the space to identify my career path. If you are looking for a holistic approach, Harleen is certainly the coach for you. Afterall, life for all of us is a culmination of our past and present. It is amazing uncovering how it all interlinks."