Erica Goos

Career & Leadership Development Coach

I will help you to explore and listen to yourself to gain greater insight, set goals and achieve them. I have 15+ years of experience helping motivate clients to activate authentic and meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

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About me

125 hours

Coaching Experience


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My Story

I am a specialist in what I call the “in-between”. The “in-between” is part/s of our lives where feelings of ambivalence, not just yes or no, but both exist. As a bi-cultural person, I straddle my Korean and American culture constantly. Being a parent to a biological and adoptive daughter, there are many opportunities to coach my children and my family through the “in-between” places. Regardless of your stage of life, we all face these “in-between” places in both our personal and professional lives. These “in-between” places can elicit confusion and uncertainty. But it can also open up places to harness your creativity to explore and use your resourcefulness to discover new opportunities for change.

Why I coach

For 15 years, as I sat with people and heard their personal stories and their desire to change, my love for coaching was born. I love helping people live their life fully as they imagine it for themselves. I love working with clients who are undergoing transitions in their personal or professional lives. I help bring greater insight, clarity, accountability to their next steps. I also deeply believe in the value of developing authentic leaders in organizations that are diverse and inclusive (especially women of color). Authentic leadership focuses on developing leaders & followers to bring their self-awareness, transparency, and ethicalness to these relationships, that cultivates trust to drive improvements and innovations for the success of an organization.

My core beliefs for coaching

Coaching is a transformational process that provides a collaborative space for people to draw upon their creativity and resourcefulness to be the agent of authentic and meaningful change of their own lives.My gift to you as your coach is to bring clarity through powerful conversations that draw on my keen intuitive and discerning listening presence. My passion is to provide a space to explore, to reflect and to listen to your self and to others to create changes you have imagined for yourself.

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Strengths
  • Testing & Learning

Country: USA

Coaching Expertise



Personal Growth




Life Purpose




Business coaching

15 years experience

I owned and operated a private practice in therapy for 15 years. I understand the ins and outs/ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and what is needed to be business savvy. I can help you with clarifying what your goals are for your business and your “purpose” or motivation. We can discover the resources that are needed for your business and implement steps that are needed to achieve your goals.

Personal Growth coaching

15 years experience

I have worked with the framework of change and how it is affected by life development stages for years. I provide a curious, intuitive and discerning listening presence. In addition, I collaborate with my clients to implement tests and show them how to create the change they are hoping for.

Career coaching

2 years experience

I have helped my clients explore, experiment and choose the next step in their career. My coaching is based on purpose and meaning. That is why I want to support my clients to take the right steps to move into the work they dream of. I will use Vocare Compass, strength/skills based, motivational interviewing, to define and create a customized plan to implement.


SeattleCoach Training


75 hours of coach training focused on coaching skills, business development of coaching, frameworks, and methods of coaching. I learned the following methods and skills: informational and motivational interviewing, finding the flow, trans-theoretical model of coaching through change, Vocare Compass and the growth spiral.

Professional and Educational Background

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice

2000 - 2016

For 15 years, I worked with clients with issues ranging from past trauma, depression, and anxiety to relational issues. My area of expertise was identity formation around race and culture. I loved collaborating with my clients to make meaning out of their past pains and to take steps toward a new path.

Coaching Packages

Introduction Session
Includes 8 sessions / $1150
Jump Start
Includes 4 sessions / $550


Kristin H.

"Erica has a kind and quiet way of listening and encouraging introspection. She is supportive and thoughtful in her coaching approach. She also has a sense of humor which helps when one is trying to sort things out! I recommend her coaching services to anyone trying to find their way."

Hannah L.

"Erica has a great way of listening whereby she doesn't need to say very much to encourage you to take each thought to the next step and work through a problem until you have a plan if not a solution. You leave the session feeling more confident and clear about what you want to achieve in the days ahead."

Carla K.

"Erica has a special gift about her in her coaching. She is intuitive, thoughtful, an empathetic listener and so warm and kind. Her passion to help others comes so naturally for her. She is especially talented in understanding cross-cultural issues and has a natural mastery of the growth and development that can happen from blended cultures. I highly recommend Erica!"